Behavioral Finance: Reframing

Justin here. I, like most people, would prefer to pay less taxes. But like anything that hurts, a little “reframing” goes along way. Even though going to the dentist to get a filling hurts (both wallet and tooth,) one can easily get through the pain by “reframing” the visit as a cheaper and less painful alternative to a root canal.

On the eve of Memorial Day I got an email from a retired friend. While the short email manages to hit a trifecta of touchy subjects (taxes, politics, and war) it still manages to redirect the writer to being able to sleep at night with his tax bill.

It occurred to me I may NOT be paying my fair share of Federal Taxes. I pulled out my 2009 tax return. Life is good and I want to do my part, in contrast to those weepy people who keep complaining about taxes all of the time.

According to my tax return, I am furnishing the pay for ONE first lieutenant and ONE corporal to defend the dignity and security of my country. All the rest of the benefits I receive living in America are FREE. What a Country!

The next time you hear someone complain about taxes, you might inquire about how many fighting men they are providing for their family’s defense? The people in favor of a good or holy war, should at least be paying for a substitute for themselves like I am.

Your Patriot friend,

p.s. – Tell them they can get a two year Lt. for $32,000 or a four year Corporal will be $25,000. They come pretrained by our government. Such a deal!

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